Alec Baldwin has yet to hand over his cell phone to Santa Fe authorities investigating the deadly Rust shooting, even though a search warrant has been issued, and the actor has insisted he is complying with the investigation.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday issued an update on the matter. A search warrant for Baldwin’s phone was approved and executed on Dec. 16. Shortly thereafter, the actor’s lawyer acknowledged receipt of the warrant. When the phone was not handed over, the sheriff’s office then requested assistance from the district attorney’s office; all this information outlined in a Thursday media release from the sheriff’s office.

On Dec. 20, the sheriff’s office was notified that the district attorney’s office was in negotiations with Baldwin’s lawyer to “obtain consent to retrieve” the cell phone and its contents and communications.

To date, the phone has yet to be handed over, the sheriff’s office concluded.

The update comes days after the actor said he was complying with the investigation into last fall’s deadly production shooting. “Any suggestion that I am not complying with requests or orders or demands or search warrants about my phone, that’s bullshit, that’s a lie,” he said in a video he posted to social media on Jan. 8.

A request for comment from Baldwin’s attorney was not immediately returned.

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