Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has a way to engage with his social media followers. From thought proving commentary to giggle-inducing videos, the industrialist’s content is always engaging. In his latest post, Mahindra shares his latest discovery and it is about business. The business tycoon has found out a unique way to share information and the source is a dog.

In a new post on his verified Twitter handle, Mahindra shared a funny clip attaching a life lesson alongside. The video, originally posted by a user named Clayton Cubitt, has a dog, trying to push a closed door. The naughty pooch was caught on camera as he stood at a wooden door frame. The glass from the frame is removed but the animal feels that the glass obstruction is intact because he is unable to step out.

Taking to the microblogging website, Mahindra used the dog’s example as he persistently attempts to push the door without glass to open it but once it is opened, the dog steps out. While the owner calls it to step out, the dog patiently waits to step outside the glassless door. The dog is also seen pawing at the door because it does not realise that it’s free to move out. At the end, the dog’s antics evokes laughter from the owner, which is heard in the background.

Mahindra tweeted, “No better way of illustrating our addiction to habit…The most valuable skill in business today is knowing how to break free.”

The clip was initially shared with a caption that read, “Sometimes the only thing stopping you from progress is your attachment to a previous conceptual framework.”

Since being reposted by Mahindra, the video has amassed millions of views with many approving Mahindra’s understanding of the now viral clip. A user commented saying, “Though it is shown by a dog’s habits it shows our mindsets also.” Another said, “Change and adaptation to changes is the quality that has made humans evolve. The future belongs to those who won’t be caged by limitations.”

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