i work a construction gig where we drill and take soil samples from undeveloped lots that are going to be developed. I found a mint condition iphone 12 max on my site the other day and as expected it has been blacklisted as lost or stolen, from the little bit of research i have done it is fruitless to try and search for the original owner and contacting authorities doesnt seem the way to go, low success rate and suspicion i dont need. My question is what can i do about it. The online services are all scams, read that there is a way to shut off allsecurity features and i can use it thru wifi only would be willing to do this. Was thinking that there has to be a way to switch logic board or the imei chip but cant find a used one that would be ideal. Need some ideas here people or it is going to end up getting taken apart and sold for parts which i dont want to do either.

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