Nature has many secrets that it seldom reveals. However, comprehending nature’s enigma is not easy. Scientists put in a lot of effort to solve the problems that nature presents. A sinkhole near Sunderland, UK, is growing every year, and if it’s not contained, it may have disastrous consequences in the future.

A sinkhole has appeared in Sunderland, northeast England, according to Mirror, and not far from it is a beach. The movement of ordinary people has been prohibited due to the danger that exists near the sinkhole. Enclosures have also been erected on the sides of the hole for security reasons.

Souther Hole was first discovered in 2003. Because of its small size at the time, it was not taken seriously. Year after year, it grew larger, and after 19 years, the sinkhole now measures 40 feet in diameter. It has now grown so large that a beach hidden deep within it has begun to reveal itself.

According to scientists, the sinkhole’s size has grown as a result of erosion and landslides. The National Trust is in charge of the rock path that encircles the sinkhole. In the interest of safety, the trust has issued a warning to walkers and dog owners. People used to bring their animals here for a walk because it was an open space, so it was necessary to issue a warning.

As a safety net, fences and warning signs surround the sinkhole. It’s close to the main road that runs along the cliffs of The Leas and the Whitburn Coastal Park.

According to a National Trust spokesperson, he wants visitors to come to the coastal park in a relaxed mood. However, the closure of the Southern Point sinkhole, which is very close to the reef coast route, is also being demanded.

A sinkhole is a depression or hole in the ground caused by the collapse of the surface layer. They are usually circular in shape and their size and depth vary from a few feet to hundreds of metres.

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