Govinda releases new song Hello.

Govinda released a new song titled Hello. The actor attempted to bring back the 1980s and ’90s but fans rejected the blast from the past video.

In the 90s as well as the early 2000s, Govinda used to be a rage. Right from his peppy dance numbers to his comic timing, he entertained a generation of audience. He had also released his own music album titled ‘Govinda’ in 1998 which was well received by the masses. Cut to 24 years later, and it looks like things are not the same anymore. The audience has evolved and so has their taste. This is exactly why Govinda’s latest song Hello has not gone down well with today’s audience.

The star, who recently added a new song to his discography, took to his Instagram handle to share a glimpse of the music video titled Hello. Donning a sparkly white suit, Govinda is seen matching steps with an actress in the track composed and sung by him. The Hello video sees the star return to his peppy style that he was once famous for. His co-star in the video is Neha Sharma, who describes herself as an artist on Instagram. Together, they dance around in a colorful garden and around brightly lit up streets.

Govinda’s new music video ultimately failed to strike a chord with netizens who largely panned the song. While some called the video funny, most comments asked him to stop clinging on to the 90s and do something fresh. “Ek zamane ka megastar ko tike rehne k liye aise third class music video banana pad raha hai (A megastar of an era has to resort to third class video to prove he is still relevant). It proves nothing is permanent,” wrote one user, while another said, “Bohot hi wahiyaat songs nikal rahe ho sir (You are releasing horrible songs, sir).” One comment summed up the emotions of all users saying, “He has lost insight’. Another comment called the song “embarrassing”.

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