Paytm founder and CEO, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, on Wednesday opened his pandora of bizarre emails that he gets from alleged budding entrepreneurs. The 43-year-old billionaire businessman shared a couple of such emails seeking funding for their startup ideas. In one of the mails, the sender sought investment from the Paytm founder, saying he wants to build the no. 1 toy company in the world, but did not explain how he would do it.

The fund-seeker said that he has studied more in the last eight months than what he learned during his 18 years of school, including everything from Socrates to Newton to Swami Vivekanda, indicating his readiness to start his business.

The individual claimed to have a unique thought process, and claimed he can make all the money in the world but needs funding to reach his goal. “Sir me paisa to bohat kama sakta hu trillion dollar business — textile, telecom, real estate beer alcohol jaisa hazaro steel(Sir I can earn a lot of money, I can set up a trillion dollar business in textile, telecom, real estate),” the man wrote in his email.

Creating a hypothetical situation in his favour, the man said if he had one trillion rupees, and someone asked for 0.01 percent of it, he would give the money easily. In his long email, the fund-seeker revealed that he sought investment from five venture capitals, but no one came forward to finance his start up idea.

Sharing a screenshot of the email on Twitter, Sharma asked his followers whether they would give 0.01 percent if they had one trillion rupees. He used the hashtag #mails_I_get.

The Paytm CEO posted another gem from his inbox. In this, a man from Hyderabad explains how he can build a business which will generate $1.5 billion in clean profit annually. Pitching the idea for a ‘progress report’ app for small business owners similar to report cards of school students, the fund-seeker claimed that there will be 100 million paid users for the app.

Taking a jibe at the idea, Sharma simply said, “And we will have profits of $2.25 billion.”

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