From your posture to how you dress up, everything is taken into account when your prospective employer takes an interview. But the most important part of the interview is how smartly you answer the questions posed by the panel. While companies usually quiz around the job profile an individual has applied for, there are some common questions that are asked everywhere. “Why should we hire you?” is the most common one.

People come up with rehearsed answers for this question, through which they highlight their abilities, their commitment to work, their experience, and so on. But deep down they all would want to say, “Hire me because my wallet is empty.” We are not sure how well the interview would turn out if people actually started giving honest answers in their job interviews. There is no doubt that a lot of people get hired on the basis of the unique answers they give. Probably that is why netizens have started a meme fest on Twitter.

Following the Honest Interview trend, people are sharing their ‘untold’ answers to such job interview questions. Terming these posts funny or hilarious would be an understatement. It is also possible that you might end up relating to some of the tweets.

Let’s begin with the sales job, which required a lot of travel. One of the users shared that the interviewer asked, “This sales job would require you to travel a lot, would that be fine?” and his honest review would be, “Yes, I have already made a YouTube channel.”

Another wrote that when her prospective employer would ask about her dream job, the reply would be, “In my dream, I don’t work.”

In interviews, we try to sell ourselves by highlighting all our expertise, specialisations and other qualities which are essential in an employee. One of the users on the microblogging site has very precisely revealed the inner feeling of the HR when an interviewee is gloating about himself/herself.

Check out some more honest interview tweets:

Which of these was the most relatable to you?

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